Planning A Wedding In Six Months

Your wedding day is coming up soon. You just cannot wait for that day to come. Your engagement is done and now thinking about planning your wedding. You know there is a lot of planning and stress is part of that. Here’s how to plan your wedding in six months!

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With a short time to plan a wedding seems like a huge task to take on. However, it doesn’t have to. Can you do it in six moths? Absolutely! Not only that, if you approach it correctly, it can be every bit as awesome as one that was planned for years. Follow the plan below for your 6 month short term planning.

Planning the budget

Knowing how much you have to spend is critical. Work out all the numbers and have a firm spending plan even before you make the first phone call. Break your budget into smaller chunks covering every single element of the wedding. Hopefully you might have some left over for flexibility.

Book the venue

This should be at the top of your list to tackle. The most important part of the wedding planning is having the venue and the date down for ceremony and reception. Everything else will orbit around these two things so have that done first. Strangely enough, booking the last minute does have a whole range of offers for venues to fill in gaps in their scheduled calendar. Particularly if your wedding falls in the quieter winter season. Options might be limited due to the time of year but can make your decision easier with few choices.

Send out the invitations

Confirmed your wedding date? Head down to the printer have the invitations sent out. The more notice you can give your guests the better so send out the invitation fast. When printing your invitations, it’s very important to source a printer that can get this done quickly. In the case if you’re going for the DIY option, you’ll need to get the venue secured and guests list down. Then and only then you can start looking at the details. However, the best option is let the printer handle this part as you’ll have plenty of other details to worry about.

The wedding dress

The most iconic piece of your wedding and the most fun to do for any bride to be. This is often the first thing the brides do for wedding planning. However, this shouldn’t be your first task as it doesn’t require too much time to accomplish. 2 to 3 months is plenty time to find that dream wedding dress and get it to fit perfectly. This also includes the wardrobe for the groom, best men plus the bridesmaids, and all the accessories that you need.

The rings

Once most of the major details are taken care of then it’s time to pick out your wedding rings. All you need is to pick the design you like and then resizing plus engraving. A month or two should be plenty of time to accomplish that. While you’re doing this, don’t forget to source out other jewellery like cufflinks, earrings and necklaces.

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Finishing touches

If you work efficiently then you should have around a month or so at the end to polish the details. This is where you book the hair and make up specialist plus write the speeches. Confirm all the suppliers in your list once more and choose any readings or soundtrack for the day itself. Last but not least take a breathe and reflect on the amazing day that is to come.

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming for such a short time, perhaps you might want to get a wedding planner to assist you. If you happen to plan to have your wedding in the popular Jackson Hole WY, then you should be able to find a very qualified Jackson WY wedding planner to make your special day to come to be picture perfect.

Using Flyers For Your Business

printing flyersUsing flyers is one of the most inexpensive promotional methods for a business. It can be quickly designed and print as it’s usually not complicated. It can bring positive results if done carefully and strategically. With the convenience of the Internet, many templates can be found online. However, you can choose a professional flyer printing Atlanta service that can take care of the whole thing from designing to printing, and even distributing. Regardless which method you use, you still require to make important decisions to make sure your flyer campaign is a success.

Choosing the flyer size

The most popular size is the A5 size, which is the half sheet size. Dimensions at 148.5 x 210 mm. The reason of it being popular is the low cost print rates. However, make sure that it meets your needs and not trying to squeeze all the info on to this sheet. At the end of the day, a successful flyer campaign is what you want, isn’t it? Another popular size is the A4, which is a standard size measuring at 210 x 297 mm. There are many things you can do with this size which offers a lot of flexibility.

Choosing the right quality paper

Flyers are usually printed on glossy high quality papers, but they can vary. When selecting which quality paper to use, keep in mind that how presentable you want your message to be and how long you want it to last. A lot of people will throw flyers in the garbage so only use high quality glossy papers if you have a very important message to deliver. At the same time, you’ll need to keep your budget in mind and not end up spending way too much.


Choosing the folding options

In today’s standard, most flyers are in color to display professionalism. However, black and white flyers still has its place depending on how creative you are with your campaign. Not only that, but bleeding options are also available. Taking the time to weigh your options is critical to making the right decision. Folding options are also extremely important as it can deliver handy and convenience rather than cumbersome. A nicely folded flyer can still deliver the message while it can also be conveniently handle and carry.

Knowing all the options when it comes to flyer printing can determine whether you’ll have a successful campaign or not. Combining with a good printing company and you’re on your way.