Signs That Your Tree Needs To Be Removed Or Trimmed

tree serviceDoes one of your trees in your backyard look like it’s ready to fall the next storm hits? If it does then you’ll need to consider removing it before it can injure you or anyone in your family, as well as your home. There are a few signs that show you that it’s time to call a tree service Alpharetta company like 72 Tree Service to get it removed.

6 high risk signs to look for.

Let’s identify some signs to look for. These represent safety hazard that it’s about time to contact a tree company to check it out.

Cracked bark – Just like it says, the bark has started to crack. This is indicating that the tree is dying. More than 2 cracks in the same spot is an indication to call a tree service company. Also, if tree crankers appear when the sunken spots in the bark or even the bark is completely missing would indicate a wound or a sign of disease.

Strange shape – If your tree has a weird shape or in a form that’s funny looking, then it requires removal as it lacks structural integrity.

Weak branch union – If the branches are weak and might seem like not well attached to the tree, they might have no integrity and may come falling down anytime.

Decay – If the decay problem is serious, you can normally discover it quickly with mushroom growing anywhere on the tree. Any part of the tree that is dead needs to be removed ASAP as a strong wind or storm can send it crashing down on your home.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch – You get red or yellow borders with this disease and leaves appear scorched. Insects play a major role in this and the best approach to address this problem is removal of tree.

Armillaria Root Rot – This infects the roots of the tree. It’s not so easy to detect but if you see mushrooms around the tree base, then it’s infected. This would cause the crown to die and eventually kills the tree. A definite removal is required.

Now you have seen the 6 signs to look for. Make sure to inspect you trees at least once a year. Keep a close eye on them and make sure you have healthy trees to enjoy and safety for your home and family.

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Using Flyers For Your Business

printing flyersUsing flyers is one of the most inexpensive promotional methods for a business. It can be quickly designed and print as it’s usually not complicated. It can bring positive results if done carefully and strategically. With the convenience of the Internet, many templates can be found online. However, you can choose a professional flyer printing Atlanta service that can take care of the whole thing from designing to printing, and even distributing. Regardless which method you use, you still require to make important decisions to make sure your flyer campaign is a success.

Choosing the flyer size

The most popular size is the A5 size, which is the half sheet size. Dimensions at 148.5 x 210 mm. The reason of it being popular is the low cost print rates. However, make sure that it meets your needs and not trying to squeeze all the info on to this sheet. At the end of the day, a successful flyer campaign is what you want, isn’t it? Another popular size is the A4, which is a standard size measuring at 210 x 297 mm. There are many things you can do with this size which offers a lot of flexibility.

Choosing the right quality paper

Flyers are usually printed on glossy high quality papers, but they can vary. When selecting which quality paper to use, keep in mind that how presentable you want your message to be and how long you want it to last. A lot of people will throw flyers in the garbage so only use high quality glossy papers if you have a very important message to deliver. At the same time, you’ll need to keep your budget in mind and not end up spending way too much.


Choosing the folding options

In today’s standard, most flyers are in color to display professionalism. However, black and white flyers still has its place depending on how creative you are with your campaign. Not only that, but bleeding options are also available. Taking the time to weigh your options is critical to making the right decision. Folding options are also extremely important as it can deliver handy and convenience rather than cumbersome. A nicely folded flyer can still deliver the message while it can also be conveniently handle and carry.

Knowing all the options when it comes to flyer printing can determine whether you’ll have a successful campaign or not. Combining with a good printing company and you’re on your way.